How to make someone suffer by nailing a crucifix.


1. Greg is in side control, but Julie stops him from passing around.


2. Greg drops his hip and starts attacking Julie with elbow strikes.


3. Julie stops the attack by putting her hand on Greg’s bicep.


4. By putting his knee over Julie’s bicep, Greg takes her defence away.


5. Greg pins Julie’s arm with his leg and stays flat to her chest.


6. Moving his back leg around for the ideal angle, Greg elbows again.


Top Tips

Amateur: By staying tight to your opponent and elbowing without posturing up, they’ll have less space to move and escape.

Semi-Pro: If you’re stuck on the bottom, keep your head as tight to you attacker as possible to avoid their strikes.

Professional: The first rule of crucifix defense is not to get stuck in one, as it can be very difficult to escape.