Drop your foe hard with this cunning body kick ambush.

1. Both fighters are in orthodox stance and Greg steps out with his left foot to enable him to pivot.

2. Greg swings his hips as he fakes a kick and brings his right leg around in front of him.

3. Greg turns his back slightly, but keeps an eye on where John is. His position invites John to attack.

4. Leaning forward to keep out of range, Greg prepares to lift his right leg as John opens his body and throws a straight right punch.

5. Greg raises his right leg, which is bent at a 90-degree angle, ready be extended to complete the liver kick.

6. As moves forward to punch, Greg catches him coming in and side kicks him in the liver with his right foot.

Top Tips

Amateur: When you throw the fake, keep your right hand extended, chin tucked behind your shoulder and left hand high to defend yourself.

Semi-Pro: Make sure your fake looks realistic, otherwise your opponent won’t fall for it.

Professional: You can also try switching things up and throwing a reverse hook kick to the chin instead.