Catch your opponent of guard by mastering the unorthodox round kick from the canvas.

1. John is standing over Greg, whose guard is up.


2. Greg drops his right hip and bases out on his right elbow


3. By extending his right arm to protect himself, Greg pushes away from the mat with his planted foot.


4. Greg fully extends his left leg and aims to land his shin directly to the side of John’s head.


5. Greg lowers his kicking leg to the mat while keeping his left arm extended to protect himself. 


6. Maintaining his defence, Greg steps back with his right leg and stands clear of danger.


Top tips

Amatuer: It’s important to kick with your shin. You could do some real damage to your foot on someone’s skull.

Semi-pro: This is a great way to take advantage of fighters with their hands down.

Professional: Try following the kick by transitioning to a single-leg takedown while your opponent’s guard is up.