Brendan Loughnane retained his lightweight title on Saturday March 5th at Full Contact Contender (FCC) 15 in the event’s main event. Manchester-based Loughnane defeated former UFC fighter David Lee within two minutes.

Headline success was sealed by the Tanko Management athlete following a stunning series of ferocious kicking and punching combinations. Loughnane floored Lee with a powerful right-handed punch, knocking out his experienced opponent to end the fight.

“I knew it was going to be a difficult match against an experienced fighter so to get a first round knockout is brilliant,” Loughnane said. “I’ve been working on my pace, power and aggression, and finishing opponents in the ring before the final bell.

“I’ve been training hard in America with the Dominick Cruz camp (Alliance MMA), and watched him become the UFC bantamweight champion, so I was keen to do the same at home with my team and the All Powers Gym guys.”

Loughnane hopes the 155lb lightweight victory against grappling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist David Lee will be a springboard for future success.

“These are the type of fighters I need to defeat to progress in MMA – I have still never been knocked out or had a fight ended by submission. I’ve already had a taste of fighting in UFC and I’d love to return. I’m excited to find out my next opponent.”

Loughnane was allowed a release from his BAMMA contract to compete in Saturday’s FCC 15 lightweight championship match, at the Macron Arena in Bolton, following a controversial judges’ decision in his previous fight against Tom Duquensoy.

London based David Lee, is a two-time former UFC fighter and UK MMA veteran, with a black belt in BJJ. He has won many of his previous fights via submission in his 12 win, nine defeats fight history.