UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz is looking to put a slow methodical beating on Cody Garbrandt when the pair meet at UFC 207 until he pleads him to stop.

By now the MMA community is firmly aware how Cruz is pound-for-pound one of the best fighters in the world as well as one of the most articulate, mind-game busting trash-talkers in the game.

Garbrandt doesn’t feel Cruz’s footwork, which has been a major weapon during his career, will be much of a problem and is just something other fighters haven’t been able to figure out. Speaking to TMZ, Cruz believes his footwork and fighting style equates is something the lesser minded Garbrandt can’t comprehend.

That’s his take on it and if you hear him, he’s not the most intelligent guy in the world,” said Cruz. “So there’s two ways to go about this sport. There’s taking the damage, taking the chances, walking into the centre and being willing to take punches in order to give punches. 

“Then there’s me, where I’m going to put myself in the smallest ratio of taking damage, that way I can use my brain and continue to beat you down, round after round, pick you apart, take as minimal amount of damage as I can while I just beat you up.”

Cruz feels his ability to use a wide range of attacks will be more than enough to defeat power-puncher Garbrandt and is even looking to take his time with the punishment until the Team Alpha Male 135lb’er asks for mercy.

I’m going to mix it up, keep you guessing so much that at the end of it, you’re going to just wish that I would put you out of your misery,” Cruz said. “I’m just going to keep tagging you up and making you look silly. Step by step, minute by minute, round by round, until you beg me to stop you.”