Following her win over Lina Lansberg in the main event at UFC Fight Night Brasilia, Cris Cyborg has gone on the offensive, dressing down former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey in the hopes of securing the super fight.

Cyborg made an appearance on Fox Sports 1 yesterday and when host Jason Whitlock asked her about the potential Ronda Rousey fight, Cyborg didn’t hold back.

The Invicta 145lb champion believes Rousey is being protected by the UFC and refuses to mention her name because if she does it opens the door for the fight.

“Ronda doesn’t say anything,” Cyborg said. “She doesn’t even say my name. She used Dana White and her mother to talk to me, because she knows if she says my name, she’ll have to fight me. She knows this.”

During her incredible winning streak full of knockout and submission finishes, Rousey was widely compared to Mike Tyson by members of the MMA community and it’s hard to deny she definitely had a Tyson-esque aura about her. Cyborg then used that comparison with another zinger.

“Maybe that means when Mike Tyson lose his fight by KO (against Buster Douglas), he never the same. Maybe it means that Ronda lost her last fight and she’s never the same. But not because she KOs people. She never did this.”

It was Cyborg’s commentary on Rousey’s boxing ability, however, that produced the ultimate soundbite to end the segment.

“I watched her shadowbox, and the shadow won,” Cyborg added. “My last fight, I broke the nose of the girl in three places. And if I fight her, she’ll have to do surgery on her face after. I’m not kidding.”