Hide your children folks. The trash talk between Mickey Gall and Sage Northcutt just went up a few notches – and now somebody’s quiff is potentially about to get chopped!

Following his dominant first round submission win over CM Punk at UFC 203 a few weeks ago, Gall called out fellow ‘Looking for a Fight’ reality show alumni Sage for his next fight. Firing back, ‘Super’ Sage said in no uncertain words that he’s been less than impressed with Gall’s list of defeated opponents to date.

I think just him going in and fighting two guys that had no fights — I think they were both close to 40 years old, too — it’s almost like fighting someone’s dad that only trained very little for a fight,” said Northcutt. “It was definitely interesting if you think of it that way.”

Following the fight Gall made fun of Northcutt’s hair which crossed the line and appears to have gotten under Northcutt’s skin.

He’s talking about my hair — he wants to punch the spikes out of my hair — and looking at that from his fights that I’ve seen and looking at his pictures, his hair kind of looks like mine,” said Northcutt. “It just doesn’t have the hair gel in it, it doesn’t look like. I’m thinking that maybe he should get some hair gel and style it or something.”

If and when the two meet, Northcutt believes he has the edge over Gall in both the standup and wrestling aspects of the game

“All I could say is that I believe I have better grappling than him and better stand up,” said Northcutt. “If I go out there, I can take the fight wherever I want. If I want to go out there and stand up with him and knock him out, I believe I can do that. If I want to take him down and submit him, I believe I can do that also.”

To add another wrinkle to this brewing rivalry, Gall took to social media and has proposed a loser loses his hair stipulation to Northcutt.

Yo Super Scared Corncutt, how about a bet: Loser shaves their head?,” said Gall. “Stop taking selfies and take antibiotics. I’m gonna hurt you Sage Northcutt.”