At least that seems to be the verdict of all fight fans as JHENNY ANDRADE retains her title as ringcard girl of the year. who are we to argue? it’s another well-deserved win for the Brazilian model

Believe it or not, there have been many comments from fans relating to the legitimacy of awarding a Fighters Only statue to a Ringcard Girl! Many seem not to appreciate the fact that Ringcard Girls have been a part of combat sports since the earliest days and bring female glamour to what was once (and for the most part, still is) a man’s world.

Beauty is only one facet of being successful in this role and these girls work hard. Travel and promotion are taxing duties, especially when trying to maintain an impeccable appearance at all times. Presently, no one does this better than 2018’s Ringcard Girl of the Year, Jhenny Andrade, a clear fan favourite who defended her crown this time after success in last year’s awards.

The Brazilian model started her UFC career in 2013, and despite having no previous involvement with MMA or combat sports grew to love everything about the Octagon and the achievements of the fighters. Perhaps understandably, she is particularly supportive of her fellow Brazilian fighters, towards whom she always shows loyalty and support no matter whom they are up against. Maybe this is favoritism, but we should allow her it, as in every other respect she seems to be flawless.