Nick Diaz is not impressed with Conor McGregor’s performances and he’s happy to tell the world about it.

Now we’re not sure if somebody beat up your sibling you wouldn’t have the nicest of things to say about them, and especially not if you’re born and raised in Stockton, California. But Diaz has some less than complimentary things to say about McGregor, his performances, opponents as well as his fellow SBG Ireland team mates.

He’s not [great], though,” says Diaz. “On paper, he’s not. Who are the 145lb fighters who he beat up? Nobody good, in my opinion. Just a lot of commercials and advertising. How many black belts has he tapped out? When he was talking s**t back-and-forth about fighting Floyd Mayweather, like, you have already lost to two guys who are not on a legitimate level. 

“That just tells me, look, you ain’t ever going to be the best. You already lost to two f**king guineas. I ain’t ever losing to somebody who lost to some f**king little Irish land guineas. That’s fact, that’s on paper. And in gym, you can see what kind of work he has put in. He ain’t working with nobody; he ain’t working with no black belts. Has no legitimate trainer.”

However, McGregor is currently training with BJJ black belt and world champion Dillon Danis, who himself is thinking about making the transition to MMA, and it doesn’t get any more legitimate than that. He initially brought him on to help prepare for the rematch with Nate at UFC 202, but since he has become a full-time and integral member of Team McGregor.

While the featherweight champion might have his hands full preparing for Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 – hoping to become the first simultaneous two weight UFC champion – perhaps a fight at 170lb with the older Diaz brother might be on the books at some point in the future.

Diaz Snr, meanwhile, is currently off suspension and free to fight, but has yet to be booked by the UFC. Late last month he tweeted he was ‘back in it 100’ which fuelled speculation a fight announcement was imminent and with a slew of year end cards a Diaz brother on a PPV main card wouldn’t exactly be bad for business.