Here at Fighters Only we’re as hardcore as hardcore can be when it comes to MMA, which means the more fights the better! However, with events becoming a much more regular occurrence in recent years, it’s not as easy to organise special fight night experiences as it used to be.

There was a time when the neighbourhood would be alive with UFC parties. Monthly occasions when we’d all congregate at a friends house to share a few beers and party snacks, while offering not-so technical advice to the TV screens where the most skilled fighters in the world were doing what they do best. But, with a fight card most weekends these days, fight night parties have become a thing of the past.

But why? Here at FO we want to bring back those days for summer and no event is better than this year’s biggest card: UFC 175! Below, you will discover a bunch fun-filled MMA games to play while watching the highly-anticipated event on July 5th.


Nothing improves a sporting event like alcohol, and by exploiting all the UFC’s quirks and characteristics Fighters Only has the perfect drinking companion to make sure your night is double or even triple the fun.

So sit back, enjoy and get ready to curse Mike Goldberg.

What you need:

  • 1–2 bottles of tequila (or similar)
  • 10 beers per person
  • American food (e.g. hot dogs, meatloaf, Twinkies, apple pie)
  • Brazilian food (e.g. acai berries, churrasco, Brazil nuts, brigadeiro)
  • 1 bottle of your preferred hot sauce


  • Finish your beer – regardless of quantity remaining – every time Mike Goldberg says, ‘It’s all over!’
  • Take a shot of tequila with a lick of salt immediately after every knockout or submission victory.
  • If you have a Brazilian and an American fighting each other, then depending on who wins, you are only allowed to eat Brazilian or American food until another Brazilian-American fight or until the end of the event.
  • Take a shot of tequila with a lick of sugar every time a ringcard girl blows a kiss.
  • If you’re also playing one of the Fighters Only UFC 175 betting games (right), take a swig of hot sauce after every bout where you failed to pick a winner.
  • Take a drink every time Mike Goldberg says, ‘Punches in bunches.’
  • Take a drink every time Joe Rogan talks about someone’s weight cut.
  • Down a shot of tequila and then cross yourself for every post-fight interview where a fighter thanks God.
  • Take a drink every time one of the commentary team mentions Ronda Rousey’s Olympic judo bronze medal.
  • Take a drink every time Lyoto Machida is referred to as ‘elusive.’
  • Take a drink every time a fighter walks out to Eminem.


When it comes to picking fights, no doubt all your friends like to think they’re experts. If that’s the case, then why not have them put up or shut up?

Whether you’re in a group of seasoned fight fans, have a load of MMA virgins in your crew, or there’s just you and your best bud on deck, we’ve got the best betting system for all occasions.

We suggest the stake for entry to all these games is £5 per person and whoever wins gets the whole pot – it’s simple and no one has to get to know their bank manager – but those particulars are up to you.



  • Each person in the group needs a copy of the ‘Fighters Only UFC 175 Selection Sheet’.
  • For each fight, every player must mark down who will win; the manner of victory (i.e. knockout, submission or decision); and what round the bout will end (three-round decision is round three, five-round decision is round five).
  • You then earn a point each for every correct winner, method and round.
  • Whoever has the most points at the end of the night wins.
If you’ve got a guy or gal at your party who thinks an omoplata is a type of fish, then they can still get involved and win big with this betting game. All you need to play is a standard six-sided die.
  • Using a copy of the ‘Fighters Only UFC 175 Selection Sheet’ mark down the following results for your newbie guest.
  • To pick a winner and method: roll the die, odd is blue corner, even is red corner; 1–2 is knockout, 3–4 is submission, 5–6 is decision. (So if you roll a 5, you’ve got blue corner via decision).
  • If you have a lot of friends over you can also roll the dice again to pick the round. So for a three-round fight: roll the die, 1 or 4 is round one, 2 or 5 is round two, 3 or 6 is round three. 
  • To pick a round in a five-round fight: roll the die with the result relative to the round, unless it’s a six which is simply a re-roll.
  • Whoever has the most points at the end of the night wins.
How to:
For those of you watching the action with only your favourite wingman – or woman – the group betting rules may not provide you with the same competitive allure. So, try a ‘draft’ set-up. You can still use our ‘Fighters Only UFC 175 Selection Sheet’ and tally points the same. You can even still predict method of victory and relevant round the same, it’s the winner where it gets interesting.
  • The two of you will get to pick who wins each fight in turn, one after the other. When your friend picks ‘Fighter A’ that leaves you with ‘Fighter B’ by default.
  • The guest gets first pick, starting with the main event. The other player then gets to choose the co-main event winner, and so on. A bit like the coaches on The Ultimate Fighter.
  • In the event of a tie, the person with the most winners on their selected team is the victor.
Fighters Only UFC 175 Selection Sheet:

Weight Class





Chris Weidman (c) vs Lyoto Machida


Ronda Rousey (c) vs Alexis Davis


Stefan Struve vs Matt Mitrione


Uriah Hall vs Thiago Santos


Marcus Brimage vs Russell Doane


Urijah Faber vs Alex Caceres


Kenny Robertson vs Ildemar Alcantara


Chris Camozzi vs Bruno Santos


George Roop vs Rob Font


Luke Zachrich vs Guilherme Vasconcelos


Kevin Casey vs Bubba Bush

In honour of the smash hit Fighters Only World MMA Awards skit from earlier this year, this game is simply a variation of the kids’ game Chinese Whispers.
Information is passed from one side of the room to the other via whispering a sentence, either repeated from the commentary on TV or selected from a bowl of offerings penned by guests on arrival. Simply take turns to whisper your sentence using your best Wanderlei Silva voice and while rolling your wrists in ‘The Axe Murderer’s usual threatening style.
The trend cycles of fashion have not been kind to MMA. We’ve all seen a terrible MMA branded T-shirt and most of us have worn one (or five) in our time.
The conclusion is plenty of MMA tees so popular back in the day are now such an eye sore you’ve deleted any proof you ever wore one from your Facebook and now use it to dry the dog.
But why shy away from the shame when you can embrace it? Get the party started as soon as your friends walk through the door by competing for the ‘Worst MMA T-Shirt of the Night.’

While on your way to the party no one else will understand why you’re wearing a T-shirt with a skull and dagger on it as if you were some sort of new age pirate, the winner for the worst shirt could perhaps get to veto any of the nasty hot sauce shots during the drinking game. After all, wearing the best (worst) of these dated shirts is punishment enough.



With testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) hopefully a thing of the past it’s safe to make fun of it now. Enter, ‘Peg
the TRT’.


  • This one’s simple. Keep a bunch of clothes pegs in a bowl somewhere in the room throughout the event, and simply try and ‘peg’ one on a friend. If you manage to get three pegs on anyone at the party at the same time, they’ve been busted for TRT, and have to do a forfeit of your choosing.
  • What forfeit? Get inventive. Exemption from winning the betting sweepstakes? Must wear lipstick until the Rousey vs. Davis fight? Our advice is to hide the hot sauce somewhere safe. 

Join the fun online by tweeting us your stories and pics from your own UFC 175 Fighters Only game nights – along with your own MMA game ideas – and don’t forget to include the hashtag #FOparty! The best contributions will be featured inside our next issue.