Pay-per-view king Conor McGregor’s return to the Octagon looks unlikely to be challenging Eddie Alvarez for the UFC lightweight title in New York City in November – as many fans had hoped.

McGregor vs. Alvarez at UFC 205 seems to be the perfect fight, the dream scenario and what everyone in the MMA community was aching for as the headline act for the UFC’s inaugural show at Madison Square Garden. Earlier this week on his ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast, UFC commentator Rogan even hinted that the fight was a done deal.

I know a little something that I wish I could tell,” teased Rogan. “It’s an interesting fight, if it happens – allegedly at Madison Square Garden, allegedly in a couple of months. Maybe it’s going to happen, I don’t know. But if it does happen, Eddie is a big boy. He can grapple.”

But in the past few hours the twitter world was set on fire when UFC president nixed any idea of Alvarez vs. McGregor when replying to a fan. According to White the 155lb championship will in fact be contested between Alvarez and number one contender Khabib Nurmagomedov. 

If this is indeed the case then it’s anyone’s guess who McGregor may fight next. The most likely scenario would seem to be going back to 145lb to unify the championships with a rematch against Jose Aldo, currently the interim featherweight champion.

Yet that tweet by White didn’t stop Alvarez from trying to keep what would be the most lucrative option alive as he went to twitter and threw some zingers at the Irishman.

Let’s do this Conor McGregor I’m ready,” posted the champion. “Your future’s not bright enjoy this one while it last. The illusion of greatness will soon be over. It’s time for truth!”

To that, McGregor had just two words as he then took to twitter and said quite simply, “beg me.”

Meanwhile, Nurmagomedov fuelled speculation that he’s finally secured the title shot by taking to twitter and insinuating the UFC president had given him his crack. “I had a very generous birthday gift today,” stated Nurmagomedov. “Thanks Dana White.”