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Chandler an all-time Bellator great; Tyson vs Roy Jones Jnr; Cejudo’s trashtalking; plus Weidman and Anderson’s title chances from four top pros

TJ Jones


Bellator heavyweight and fan favorite, 30

Shane Kruchten


Ex-Bellator featherweight, 36 (12-5), aka The War Rhino

Neil Magny


UFC welterweight, 33, aka The Haitian Sensation (23-7)

Devin Powell


Ex-UFC lightweight, 32, currently with Bellator (10-4)

Former UFC light heavyweight contender, Corey Anderson recently signed with Bellator. Do you see a title in his future?2020-08-27T09:02:11+00:00

TJ Jones: Maybe after a fight or two for sure. Anderson has proved he’s a Top 5 fighter but I don’t know if that warrants a jump ahead of other hopeful Bellator contenders. Anderson vs. Phil Davis would be an awesome first fight in Bellator.

Shane Kruchten: This move surprised me but I think it was huge for Corey. I do see a title run in his very near future. I wish him nothing but success.

Neil Magny: Yes, I’ve seen a lot of videos and photos of him training with DC. I believe he’ll make a run at the heavyweight title and the light heavyweight title in the Bellator organization.

Devin Powell: Corey is a very hard worker. For some reason he didn’t get the love and support I think he wanted from the UFC. I think the Bellator switch is smart and a good way to reset his career and probably make more money. I think he can definitely get a title shot, but the stars always have to align.

Michael Chandler just stopped Benson Henderson at Bellator 243. Do you feel that Chandler is the greatest Bellator fighter in history?2020-09-08T10:14:57+00:00

TJ Jones: A It’s hard to argue with his achievements within Bellator. I’d say it’s between him and Eddie Alvarez.

Shane Kruchten: I think Chandler can definitely be in that conversation. If you want to talk fighters that helped put them on the map you can’t go without mentioning David Rickels, 23-fight veteran of Bellator and never a boring one!

Neil Magny: One hundred percent. He’s beaten both former (Henderson) and future (Alvarez) UFC champions during his time in Bellator.

Devin Powell: Chandler has probably had the most high-caliber fights and had the most weight of the company on his shoulders. I’m excited to see what happens with free agency. I believe that Lima and Pitbull are the two best fighters in Bellator history, but Chandler is definitely right up there.

Two of the greatest boxers of all time are set to throw down. Are you excited for the Mike Tyson-Roy Jones Jr. fight on September 12th?2020-08-27T08:44:23+00:00

TJ Jones: More curious, but definitely excited! We’ve seen Roy Jones fight somewhat recently but not Tyson. The videos of Tyson hitting the pads show a killer Tyson that he wasn’t at the end of his career. Curious to see if that will translate to the ring.

Shane Kruchten: I am. I think Mike Tyson is in far better shape and hungrier. I wish it was more than just an exhibition.

Neil Magny: No. Both men have done all they needed to do for the sport of boxing. At this point in their lives they should be retired on a beach. But I can understand the competitiveness in them to drive them to want to fight once more. So, I’m definitely tuning in to support them.

Devin Powell: I generally think that once fighters get out of a combat sport it’s for the best. But in this case, I think they are both in good health and both are coming back simply to make an absolute stunning amount of money. I’m very excited to see it. I hope it’s a great fight and that neither gets hurt.

Henry Cejudo recently retired but he’s doing as much trolling and trash-talking as ever. Are you cool with that?2020-08-27T08:46:50+00:00

TJ Jones: For sure. I mean, it’s very cringy but also funny. It doesn’t really seem like he wants to be retired though. I’d be interested to see if his mouth will get him a shot at the featherweight crown.

Shane Kruchten: I’m not one to troll or trash anyone but if that’s your thing than that’s you. To each his own.

Neil Magny: Sadly, that’s what gets you paid nowadays. He needs to stay relevant while he’s not fighting.

Devin Powell: I honestly think that more people like Cejudo now that he’s retired. A lot of people finally realized that it was just a persona he was creating and then they could appreciate what an incredible athlete and fighter Triple C was. He can ride off into the sunset but I would love to see him compete some more.

Former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman picked up his first win since 2017 recently at UFC Vegas 6. Do you think he has another run to the top in him?2020-08-27T08:54:31+00:00

TJ Jones: I didn’t watch the fight but he beat a young up-and-comer. It seems like his chin can’t hold up to the big strikers in the division, so he might want to swallow some pride and focus on his wrestling from here on out, in my humble opinion.

Shane Kruchten: As much as I love Weidman, I think there are killers in that division that he won’t be able to get past. I think it was a huge win but a long road ahead to talk title contention

Neil Magny: Yes. He had a severe neck injury that takes time to recover from. I had the same injury. It has taken me years to regain the confidence I had prior to my injury. His last fight was the kind of build-up he needed in my opinion.

Devin Powell: I absolutely loved seeing Chris Weidman back on top. I would love to see it go all the way but there’s so many killers out there and it will be tough to endure that hard road when he’s been finished a few times in a row before this. I am pulling for him. Regardless, he’s going into the HOF.


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