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Odd training techniques (but not as odd as Tony Ferguson’s) and thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic from four professional fighters.

aviv gozali
Aviv Gozali


Israeli lightweight with Bellator, aka The King (4-0)

chris brennan headshot
Chris Brennan


Ex-UFC Fighter, aka The Westside Strangler (21-14-1)

eddie gordon headshot
Eddie Gordon


Jamaican Middleweight ex-UFC currently PFL (8-7)

jason radcliffe headshot
Jason Radcliffe


English middleweight with KSW, aka The Assassin (16-7)

Tyson Fury scored a seventh round TKO in his rematch with Deontay Wilder. What were your thoughts on the fight?2020-04-07T16:53:04+00:00

David: Man, Fury did exactly what he said he was gonna do and went in and finished him. I think Wilder was trying to wait till later rounds to explode and he paid for it.

Mike: I thought the fight was outstanding from the entrances to the stoppage. The way Tyson Fury bounced back from life is just amazing and he showed the world what you can do when you become mentally unbreakable.

Drakkar: I thought Tyson Fury actually won the first fight. It just shows that Wilder isn’t a true boxer. You can’t rely on just one punch when you are fighting a skilled boxer.

Shane: I thought Fury fought the perfect fight. He pressed the action and was relentlessly attacking, something Wilder seemed overwhelmed with. I thought Fury had the perfect performance!

Jon Jones won a controversial decision over Dominick Reyes at UFC 247. Do you think Bones actually won the fight?2020-04-07T16:56:11+00:00

David: I didn’t watch the fight but Jones is a much more established name and even as an o‚ffcial judge it’s hard to turn offƒ our bias. Most of the people I spoke with thought he lost.

Mike: Reyes did excellent in the first few rounds then backpedalled the rest, not doing much. You have to beat the champ to take his belt in a very close fight. Close fight but right decision.

Drakkar: I definitely have Dom Reyes winning the first three rounds. I hope I never get any of those judges for my fights! (Laughs)

Shane: No, that’s my simple answer. Reyes won that fight….three rounds to two. Without question he won the first three rounds and was the aggressor imposing more significant strikes landed against Jones than any other foe has ever.

Deiveson Figueiredo missed weight for his UFC flyweight title fight at UFC Norfolk. How is missing weight still a thing in major MMA?2020-04-07T16:59:07+00:00

David: It’s really sad and shows a big disconnect and misunderstanding with our bodies and long-term damage inflicted by crazy weight cuts. I hope coaches will start enlightening themselves on the dangers. It had to start at the beginning.

Mike: Guys fighting in the wrong weight class trying to have the advantage is the problem.

Drakkar: It’s just a lack of respect. Jo [Benavidez] was a professional by making the weight. I believe if you miss weight there has to be a bigger punishment, not just a percentage.

Shane: Missing weight is inexcusable. You are a professional. Act like it! I think those who miss weight should forfeit their entire purse to the opponent. I bet that makes people stop missing weight real quick! I have fought in five different weight classes and never missed weight. No excuses.

What fight that’s on the upcoming schedule are you most looking forward to as a fan?2020-04-07T17:01:11+00:00

David: I’m not even gonna lie, Conor vs. Gaethje as well as the Ferguson vs. Khabib fight are both huge in my mind right now. I think Ferguson wins.

Mike: I can’t wait for the Usman vs. Masvidal fight. That should be epic!

Drakkar: Anyone that fights Justin Gaethje!

Shane: As a fight fan, I’m looking forward to the fight between Khabib and Ferguson! UFC 249 can’t come soon enough. We finally have a fighter in Ferguson that has the ground game and the unorthodox style that could prove dangerous for Khabib! My money is on Ferguson.

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