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50 1 Jimmy Pedro Jr

Jimmy Pedro Jr judo technique: Modified cross-grip kouchi gari

Put your opponent on their back with a modified cross-grip kouchi gari.   1. Jimmy has a cross-grip on Aaron’s right sleeve.   2. He uses this wrist control to move Aaron’s arm across his own body.   3. Jimmy squares off with his right foot and grabs the back of Aaron’s belt with his … Continued

50 1 Ricky Lundell

Ricky Lundell grappling technique: Airbourne heel hook

This airbourne heel hook isn’t for the faint hearted but it will get results.   1. Ricky grabs a single collar tie and takes control of Frank’s bicep with his other hand.   2. Still holding onto Frank, Ricky raises his right leg up and wraps it around Frank’s right thigh.   3. Ricky releases … Continued